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Talk Radio 1360 AM / 94.9 FM – Sioux City, Iowa

Nostalgia Theater


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On April 4, 2002 , KSCJ celebrated its 75th year on the air. Part of that broadcast day included a six hour program (from the noon hour to 6pm) of old time radio shows that were scheduled under the program title of Nostalgia Theater. Following a day or two later, the station received calls and letters telling management in effect, “don’t stop now Jack… Keep it coming.” Fans loved the show and wanted more. But nothing happened until September when station management gave the green light to put a weekly show on the air.

It all started on December 7, 2002 with the weekly broadcast with show host Don Miller and Larry Fuller. “Nostalgia Theater” billed as the theater of the mid airs on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 11 am. However during football season when the Hawks take over, the show airs in late afternoons from 4-6pm.

Network radio pretty much faded from the American scene in the late 1950’s as television took over as the primary entertainment source. in the nation. CBS radio did hang in there until the end of September 1962 before pulling the plug on its last remaining shows: Suspense, Escape, Gunsmoke, and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. These shows plus hundreds more that were aired from the “Golden Age” of radio are heard today on “Nostalgia Theater” the most popular Saturday morning radio show in Sioux City on 1360 KSCJ.

This weekly journey back into time has continued to gain popularity with Siouxland listeners. The latest Spring Ratings ’08 show that the program has a listener circulation of more that 8,000 fans and growing. In addition to the old time classics including radio adaptations of motion pictures, the show offers listeners the chance of call in and win several valuable prizes during the two trivia quizzes about the shows or the songs of that era. If you are not now counted among the listeners, try it this Saturday. You will love what you hear!!

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